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Nile Crocodile & American Alligator

About Leather

Species: Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus Niloticus)
Species: American Alligator (Alligator Mississippiensis)

Nile Crocodile and American Alligator have a very recognizable appearance from its natural scale pattern on the belly of the hide. These skins are custom ordered and each skin will only yield two wallets and a few watch straps. Because of the natural scale pattern, every product made from this leather will be different - though all wallets will be cut from across the belly so there will be larger scales in the center of the piece and smaller scales near the sides. All skins are ethically sourced and are regulated under CITES.

Available Colours

Baby Blue Crocodile

Baby Blue Alligator

Chartreuse Crocodile

Chartreuse Alligator

Matte Olive Crocodile

Matte Olive Alligator

Matte Red Crocodile

Matte Red Alligator

Matte Tan Crocodile

Matte Tan Crocodile

Semi-Gloss Black Crocodile

Semi-Gloss Black Alligator

Semi-Gloss Burgundy Crocodile

Semi-Gloss Burgundy Crocodile

Semi Gloss Chestnut Crocodile

Semi-Gloss Chestnut Alligator

Semi-Gloss Cobalt Crocodile

Semi-Gloss Cobalt Crocodile