About Leather

Himalaya Goatskin is fully vegetable tanned and is firm with a deep textured finish.

Sully Goatskin is combination tanned leather and is known for its bold colours.

Siena Cowhide is vegetable tanned with a beautiful, smooth surface and a slight lustre.

Epsom Cowhide has a very pronounced grain texture that is extremely resistant to scratching and wear. 

Alpine Calf is very scratch resistant and features a medium shine. 

Smooth Calf is incredibly supple and smooth with rich colours and a matte finish.

Museum Calf is famous for its unique marbled appearance, which comes from a hand-dying process at the tannery. 

Shell cordovan offers deep, rich colour and has the perfect lustre finish.

Nile Crocodile has a very recognizable appearance from its natural scale pattern on the belly of the hide.