Rather than having a "one size fits all" solution, or a few preset colour choices, every single piece that I craft is customized and made to order. Compared to ready-made options, the ordering process is more time consuming, but the result is worth it - a unique, one of a kind piece made to your exact specifications. You pick the leather colour, stitching colour, pocket style, and more. Most items can also be personalized by having your initials permanently stamped into the leather. 

Every piece of leather is split to the exact desired thickness and checked for accuracy. Edges of the pieces of leather are carefully skived (thinned down) for smooth transitions between pieces and to keep edge thickness to a minimum.

Exposed leather edges are trimmed, sanded, and painted with multiple coats of edge paint for a smooth, durable and beautiful finish. The edges are also given a decorative crease line using a special, heated creasing tool.

After gluing, pieces are stitched together using the traditional method of hand stitching called "saddle-stitching". First, holes must be pierced through the layers of leather using a pricking iron. Then, two needles are attached to a single piece of thread and every stitch is made by passing both needles back and forth through the same hole. The thread used is a linen thread waxed with beeswax. All of my products are hand stitched with the exception of belts and passport covers, which are machine stitched.

Careful attention to detail is used at every step of the process to ensure that the final product is up to the standards that my clients expect.


Oak & Honey is a one man operation based out of the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. There is no factory or outsourcing - every single piece is made by myself.

Waking up every day and being able to work in my own workshop, crafting leather goods is really a dream come true. For me, the love of the craft stems from creating a functional and beautiful product that anyone can use from a piece of beautiful, organic and unique material. My work is heavily influenced by Japanese leathercraft - minimalist, clean and functional designs.

I'd like to thank all of my clients for supporting my business throughout the years - and all future clients as well. Purchasing a product from a small maker instead of a big box store may not seem like much, but it makes a world of difference to us. It's people like you that allow small businesses and craftsmen to continue their trade and put food on their table. Thank you.

Steven Gircys