Customize the perfect fitting belt, whether you're after a more casual or formal look. All belts are lined on the backside with a silky smooth, hypoallergenic calfskin in a tan colour.

Measured 38mm wide and length is supplied by the client

Get the exact perfect fit with a belt that is made to measure.

Measure using an existing belt and supply the measurement from the tip of the buckle to the hole that fits you best. This measurement will be used for the center hole on the new belt. There will be a total of seven holes (one inch apart) - three in each direction from the center hole. 


Choose from a wide range of leather types for the exact look and feel that suits your style. Once you've decided on the type of leather, you will be able to pick from the range of available colour options.


Stitching doesn't just need to be what holds the leather together - it can be a place to get creative: A lighter shade for a slight accent, matching stitching for a classic look, or even choose a completely different colour for a bold, high contrast look.


Choose between a natural, matte brass or highly polished nickel plated buckle. These buckles are CNC machined from solid brass in Italy and are hand finished and polished. Rather than an off-the-shelf piece of hardware, these were custom designed exclusively for my belts. 


Your belt can be made with a padded center section for a classic, sculpted look. The padding will raise the leather on the topside of the belt between the stitching. Or if you'd prefer a more casual, low-profile look there is the option to skip the padded center.

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About Leather

The leather that I use is sourced from some of the most renowned tanneries around the world. I've used leather from many different tanneries and have carefully selected the types that I think are best suited for the type of goods that I make.


Rather than having a "one size fits all" solution, or a few preset colour choices, every single piece that I craft is customized and made to order. Compared to ready-made options, the ordering process is more time consuming, but the result is worth it - a unique, one of a kind piece made to your exact specifications.

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